Over The Phone Or On The Phone

Over The Phone Or On The Phone. But for whatever reason, nobody says that. For many people, the only way they will be.

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He was on the phone when i arrived at his house so i let myself in. The game is akin to a visual novel, in that it's primarily reading / listening to the conversation and periodically making choices about what to say. Well, not in bre, anyway.) for instance:

We Talked On The Phone, And I Dropped The Vial At A Prearranged Place.

The process of accepting payments over the phone with mypos virtual terminal is both secure and very easy. Gii went to new york, but we talked on the phone every night. 45 minutes we were apart, but we talked on the phone.

I'm Not Going To Give You My Credit Card Number Over The Phone!

Guy's changing the victims' mailing addresses over the phone, then requesting replacement cards. But it has an added sense of transmitting information during the phone call. I'll get a warrant over the phone.

Prepare What You Will Say:

I gave her my address over the phone. You can use the following tips to guide you when quitting a job over the phone: Preparing your resignation script before making the call can ensure that you say what you want to say.

The Phrase Over The Phone Means That Something Is Done Using The Phone As A Way To Do It.

For many people, the only way they will be. It doesn’t mean any particular phone. The following examples show how over the phone is used:

I Heard Those Mixing Tanks Over The Phone.

Nobody likes getting complaints, but sometimes things go wrong. I heard those mixing tanks over the phone. Yes, you can use ‘over the phone’ regardless of tense/time.

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