Funny Phone Numbers To Call That Actually Work

Funny Phone Numbers To Call That Actually Work. I’m not that concerned with it. Aaaand here’s the second boothworld industries phone number.

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At the end it was really creepy bro like he really just said “i know who’s been naughty or nice” like oh my god! Put your phone number on private or you will get calls back and creepy voicemails you will hear a girl saying: It’s one of the many odd numbers you’ll find on

Uh, I Don’t Know What It’s Supposed To Say;

You can reach santa by traveling towards the north pole. Old habits die hard and all that.) (true, i haven’t lived there in, uh, close to two decades now, but still.

It Can Be A Bit Magical During The Holidays, But I Doubt Anyone Older Than 5 Still Believes In Him.

Believed to be one of the cursed phone numbers in asia, callers have heard a male voice threatening them to tell 15 others about the number. Exit your imessage and open the dial pad, you’re going to want to give these funny phone numbers a ring. We’ve covered this one in depth before — check it out here.

Put Your Phone Number On Private Or You Will Get Calls Back And Creepy Voicemails You Will Hear A Girl Saying:

It is upon you to figure out if you want to call the number or not as it is all about tour risk appetite. Top 8 creepiest phone numbers that actually work! “this a cpta announcement test.

When You Call This Number, You Will Hear A Very Hilarious Announcement That Is Sure To Keep You And Your Friends Laughing For A Long Time!

This westchester county, new york phone number is basically worth dialing for the unusually hilarious message: Like another longtime favorite spooky phone number, this one has a special place in my heart because of its area code: Call this number it actually works.

The Loser Line, A Seattle Radio Station Phone Number That Rejected People Can Call And Leave A Message.

Although people consider it haunted, it is not traditional as it is utilised to. It’s one of the many odd numbers you’ll find on Hogwarts admissions office attention all you potterheads, are you looking to enroll in the most prestigious school for witchcraft and wizardry?

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