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FNST was created to improve the quality of life and empower Indigenous youth using the winter sport of snowboarding as a fundamental tool for excellence.


The First Nations Snowboard Association (FNSA) is a registered Canadian non-profit association. The FNSA develops recreational and high performance First Nation snowboard athletes.

The FNSA is working to establish a legacy of active, healthy First Nation youth using the winter sport of snowboarding as a fundamental tool for excellence. Established in 2004, the FNST has hundreds of members from more than 12 Nations across Canada from BC to Nova Scotia. 

The FNST REC Program offers a season pass, 10 days of coaching for recreational snowboarders of varying abilities, along with youth leadership, mentoring and instructor-training programs. As the first snowboard organization operated entirely by First Nation snowboarders, the FNSA is leading the country in holistic and inclusive programming to develop, support and encourage First Nation athletes and Role Models.

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A Snowboard Program for Every Level


Recreational team

The Recreation Team (REC) introduces the sport of snowboarding to youth aged 7-18 yrs. The REC team is a feeder program into our High Performance Team (HPT).

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High Performance team

The High Performance team (HPT) consists of experienced snowboarders who have an aspiration to compete. The HPT members compete at BC Provincials with the goal of competing at Nationals, NorAms, World Cup and the ultimate goal of the Winter Olympic Games.

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Burton Riglet School Program

Riglet Snowboarding was designed to create a fun and engaging environment for kids 12 and under to find success with snowboarding, and get families riding together.

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Canada Snowboard Partnership

The First Nations Snowboard Association will be continue its successful partnership with the Canada~Snowboard Team to deliver the Aboriginal Snowboard Program (ASP) across Canada.

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all girls team

This program is introduced to assist the transition of our REC team girls to a competitive level. The program gives riders specific training, goal setting and mental training in a comfortable environment.

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coaching opportunities

FNST members are also given the opportunity to become certified snowboard instructors through Canada Snowboard Coaching Program (CSCP), the Canadian Association of Snowboarding Instructors (CASI).

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change through empowerment

I love being on the FNST because I can do something in the winter time, to keep myself busy and healthy instead of being bored at home or worse - doing drugs or drinking alcohol. Ever Since I’ve been on the team, I’ve been watching what I eat, exercising and keeping my grades up in school.
— Alexandria

athlete spotlight:

Riding Free

Starring FNST High Performance Riders Jonny Williams and Dominic Harry. Filmed by world renowned Grain Media from the UK and shared by AJ+ in over 50 Countries.